How to Maintain Your Beautiful Fitness Level

A boot camp, to many people, is a place where you have to go to get yourself trained for the military, or where you get sent by your parents if you are an especially bad teenager so that you can get some discipline “beat” into you. Yet, there is another meaning to a boot camp, and that is a super-duper fitness camp for women and men of all ages and all fitness levels who are seeking to improve themselves physically and energetically.

Sometimes, competitive athletes show up at these boot camps. Of course, if they are there, it means that they are seeking to improve their athletic performance through being more physically fit and prepared for a great competition, race, or competitive season. Everyone here will find a peer group, and be put together with other self- motivated people who have come here together with everyone else for the same reason as all the rest: to improve their health and fitness, and with that their lives.

The first thing that you’ll go through when you arrive at one of these boot camps is a small battery of tests that will allow the instructors to size you up and understand better what fitness level you are already at when you show up. You should expect to have to do some push-ups and sit-ups drills that are timed. There will also be some kind of distance and endurance test, such as fast-walking, jogging, or running for one mile. None of these things are intended to discourage or mock you. Rather, they are necessary so that the instructors, who are people like marine sergeants and certified personal fitness instructors, can be reasonably sure that they know your fitness level and get you in the right group and get you doing the right workout regimens.

You can expect certain things from the boot camp that you sign up for. You can expect to have to do free weights exercises, cross training, obstacle courses, running, and workouts with the medicine ball. Although this type of boot camp is intended to be fun and personally rewarding, and you should be able to make many new friends, nobody said that it’s going to be easy. You will not be made fun of, but you will be pushed to your limits within your peer group.

So, what can you expect after you go home after four intense weeks? Well, if you are afraid that you’ll lose your new fitness level, just stick to working our regularly at least four times per week, and keep eating in a balanced way,and you will maintain your beautiful new fitness level.

Exercising Made Fun at the YMCA Nationwide

I have been trying out many different fitness gyms across the country and a few overseas. Many were very pricey and not really offering as much for the cost of your membership. Some did offer some pretty good value and service for the money.

However, a place I found that is located in many different communities across the country is the YMCA. The YMCA varies depending on your location. One thing they do share is that they have that same open and friendly atmosphere that has just succeeded way beyond my expectations of an exercise gym.

Depending on where you live YMCA facilities provides you with nice equipment, machines, treadmills, swimming pool, sauna, basketball court, and many different types of fitness classes you can choose to attend throughout different times of the day. Some of those fitness classes are step express, power cut, ab-solution, ripped kickboxing, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga.

The instructors are very professional and in my opinion the best in the business. The leaders of the YMCA definitely take there time training and selecting the elite to teach and instruct their classes. Another very positive thing about the YMCA are the members who exercise and train with you. It is great to meet people that are pursuing the same thing as you and it helps for you to give each other that extra support and boost.

The best thing of all I like about the YMCA is that it is inexpensive and very affordable. The value for your money is absolutely wonderful. What is also great about the YMCA is that they will work with you to come up with a price that you can afford. They do not just turn you away if you have very low income. I really love the atmosphere, environment, and good quality aspect of this place. I am sure you would get a lot out of being a part of such a wonderful community.